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The Heslin Family

Published on 10/03/2018 under Heslin History
The Heslin Family

The founding members of the Heslin family in this area were John Patrick (J.P.) Heslin (1835-1917) and Drusilla Missouri Dunbar Heslin (1848-1912).

While dates are not currently known, J.P. came West from Virginia to Portland by ship, via San Francisco. Drusilla came to Oregon as a young girl. She traveled the Oregon trail in 1850 with her parents, three siblings and several relatives. (The Dunbars were a founding member of this community and they heavily influenced its history and government life.) In 1864, Drusilla and J.P. married, and they lived most of their lives in the Fairview area.

Like many early Oregon pioneers, the Heslins endured hardships while creating a life for themselves.  They had twelve children, all born at home, of whom six passed away in childhood. Find out more here.