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Significant Trees and Vintage Plants

Published on 06/03/2021 under Newsletters
Significant Trees and Vintage Plants

Significant Trees and Vintage Plants at the Zimmerman Heritage Farm Museum

Pound Pear Trees Located on the west side of the House, they are over 100 years old and originated in North Carolina. This rare specimen will bear fruit that will weigh between one and three quarter pounds. These trees still produce pears each year. English “Persian” Walnut Trees Located on the Northwest side of the house. These two trees are unique because they were used mostly for upper grafting stock of the English Walnut, which dies at approximately 35 years. The trees are growing together as one tree with a canopy 95 feet wide and a height of 60 feet. They are at least 100 years old.

Vintage Plants that surround the Zimmerman Heritage Farm House Pink and White Peonies on the front sidewalk to the front porch, with the lavender Chinese Wisteria arbor that blooms May through August. The first grape arbor was built in the 18th century and the Concord grapes were planted. The grape arbor was rebuilt in 2000 the grapes were put back on the arbor and they are still producing grapes.

By Peggy Olin