Ongoing Restoration Project

Saving One of Oregon’s Valued Historical Treasures

4ECHO is seeking monetary and material donations that will contribute to the  restoration of the Zimmerman House Museum and preservation of its enormous  collection of artifacts.

All improvements will be consistent with the conditions of National  Register of Historic Places and abide by the U.S.  Secretary of Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings.

Estimated restoration and preservation cost are approximately $2 million dollars.  

Completed Restoration Projects

  • Complete restoration  on the Foundation
  • Upgrade of the Security  System
  • Restored Roof over the Porch
  • Repaired the hole  on the North side  of the House
  • Replaced the missing skirt & drop-edge  around house
  • Established Caretaker’s residents on the site
  • Major Repairs to the  North Porch
  • Stabilization work in the basement
  • Complete Roof Replacement
  • Restored the chimneys
  • Replaced the gutters
  • Completed Exterior Paint
  • Install New Heating  & Air Condition (HVAC)

What’s Next

  • Plaster replacement from foundation work
  • Buttery and garage demolition
  • Rebuild two-story bunkhouse
  • And more…

If you’d like to contribute to the Zimmerman Restoration fund, please contact us.