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Lena Zimmerman

Published on 07/23/2019 under Zimmerman Archives
Lena Zimmerman

Lena Zimmerman (Jacob’s wife and George’s mother) was born May 28, 1827 in Baden.

We believe she married Jacob in 1846 but have yet to find corroborating evidence! They came across the Oregon Trail in 1851. They had five children: William, Caroline, Frances, George and Eliza. Lena passed away in 1887, so she did not see the major remodel son George did to the Zimmerman House in 1899. She also did not get to meet granddaughters Olive, Mabel or Isobel.

To learn more about Lena and the whole family, plan a visit to the Zimmerman House and select here. We’ll be open next on June 15th, and then every Saturday in July and August.