Heritage Farm Historical Park and Gardens

The Vision

Zimmerman  Heritage Farm is our cultural heritage, a lasting vestige of East Multnomah County’s agricultural roots. It offers the experience of “life as it really was” in the decades at the turn of the 20th century, reflecting the past  through a mirror unique to the Zimmerman family’s  farming and domestic  life.

Future  Zimmerman Heritage Farm  Historical Park

The Zimmerman Heritage Farm is a unique cultural education and recreational resource that is being created for the benefit of the public on a 5.98-acre historic site in Gresham, Oregon. The focal point is the historic Zimmerman  House, a Victorian era farmhouse, which was built in 1874 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Master Plan for the Zimmerman Heritage Farm outlines a comprehensive vision and a long-range, phased implementation plan for cultural heritage education and complementary recreation facilities, programs, and special  events and activities.

The goal of the master plan is to provide a heritage museum and community park that will become an enduring  benefit to the community.

For more, download the Master Plan. ( 137 page – 8 mb pdf) 

The educational and interpretive focus of the historic house museum is the heritage of the Zimmerman family and  dairy farming in East  Multnomah County. When fully operational in 10 to 20 years from now, the Zimmerman Heritage Farm is expected to attract over 20,000 visitors a year.

The mission of the Zimmerman Heritage Farm is fundamentally to preserve, restore,  and interpret the historic  Zimmerman dairy farm site, house, outbuildings, and artifacts and to benefit the community by showcasing its agriculture and dairy farming past.  The history museum complex is a cultural heritage resource that will educate  visitors about the unique history of the Zimmerman family as well as dairy  farming in the region through a variety of  interpretive exhibits, educational programs, and special events.

Zimmerman  Heritage Garden

Lena’s garden, Olive’s Old Fashioned Shrub Border,  Isobel’s Garden, Mabel’s Lilac Border, Jessie Mae’s Border, Kitchen Garden, Bulb Garden  and much more…

The Zimmerman Heritage Farm’s Garden Club has completed the conceptual  landscape design for the future Zimmerman Heritage Garden. This beautiful Victorian Garden, like the house, is what most of us at  ECHO consider the “Jewel of Oregon.” Our next phase is to develop  the implementation and maintenance portion  of the plan.

In the early 2000’s, the City of Gresham submitted a grant  to the Oregon Parks Foundation on behalf  of the ECHO. As a result,  we were awarded $3000, which went towards landscape construction drawings for the Zimmerman Gardens. In 2003, the City transferred the electrical and phone lines underground, converted the property to city water and installed security lighting.

A few items  on the plant  inventory for  the Zimmerman  Heritage Victorian  Garden:Corpse Plant, Rosa  Multiflora, Pussy Willow, Rugosa Rose, Lilac, Cranberry Bush, European Grape, Chinese Wistaria, Siberian Dogwood, Pear Trees, Hydrangea, Persian Walnut, Apple Trees, Oregon White Oak, Saucer Magnolia, Bishops Goutweed, Heartleaf, Bergenia, Fennel, Daylily, Iris, Peppermint, Apple Mint, Daffodil, Stink Dragon, and much more.

Grape Arbor Restoration  Project

Made Possible Through a Generous  Donation By Cedarsource  Manufacturing, Inc. and the Volunteer Efforts of:

Don & Susan Stultz
Roy Hoover
Patty Hicks
Twila Mysinger
Chuck & Pat Walker
Dodi Davies
Hands on Portland
and all the other dedicated  Zimmerman Volunteers

If you’d  like to volunteer in the  garden, please contact us or check our events calendar for regularly scheduled times and places.