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George and Jessie

Published on 09/25/2018 under News
George and Jessie

George Zimmerman at age 30 married Jessie M. McCall (1862-1943) in 1883. Jessie had been born in Kilmarnock, Ayshire, Scotland. She immigrated with her family to Canada in 1868 and later to the United States in 1871. By 1881/1882, the McCalls moved to the Rockwood area in East Multnomah County.


George and Jessie would have four daughters, Jessie May (1884-1968), Olive Hope (1889-1980), Mabel June (1891-1914), and Isobel Faith (1899-1992). George enlarged the farm to 660 acres and carried on a profitable dairy business. The house underwent a major remodel in 1899 by Jack Brown. It was during this remodeling that most of the “gingerbread” and other architectural details were added.

The early 20th century brought many changes, adventures, and tragedies to the Zimmerman Family. Read about some of these on our web site here!


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George and Jessie Zimmerman