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Care like an Oregonian!

Published on 10/26/2018 under News
Care like an Oregonian!

East County Historical Organization (ECHO) wishes to share this video titled “Care like an Oregonian” to highlight how giving to nonprofits in our state (and across the country) helps to show our support and love for the efforts of those ‘doing good work’. Here is the statement from the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO) and the video!

” Nearly 20,000 charitable nonprofits across Oregon positively impact our communities every day. Oregon’s nonprofits are one of the ways Oregonians show love for our communities and our state.

Although charitable giving occurs throughout the year, the fourth quarter of each year is a critical fundraising time for nonprofits. As a result of the changes to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we want to ensure Oregon nonprofits are at the forefront of people’s minds during this giving season.

While it is true that a charitable tax deduction is an incentive, it’s not the only reason Oregonians give. Oregonians CARE and Oregonians LOVE their nonprofits, that’s why Oregonians GIVE to their local nonprofits! To showcase the fantastic work of Oregon’s nonprofits and to encourage Oregonians to give generously to support them, NAO created this short video: